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Why would you or your customers use Stampwallet?

Forget the hassle: with Stampwallet, customers never lose or forget their stamp cards again. They always have their cards with them, in their pocket! An eco-friendly and cheap alternative. There is no need to print hundreds of individual loyalty cards anymore. Build a valuable client database. Use our platform to collect customer emails and track behaviour to create a database of all of your customers. Gain additional insights. Analyse individual customer behaviour or overall trends to determine the success of an offer. Improve customer-brand relationships. By knowing more about how your customers interact with your brand, you can tailor marketing offers and communication channels to suit their needs. Contact your customers. Use your user database to directly communicate with your customers.

A selection of businesses using Stampwallet:
  • Renaissance
  • Aqua
  • Douwe Egbert
    Douwe Egbert
  • Little Zwitserland
    Little Zwitserland
  • Starbucks
  • Swatch
  • FOL gourmet popcorn
    FOL gourmet popcorn
  • Tony Romas
    Tony Romas
  • Sambil
+ 350 more and counting
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Find out how it works
  • When you’re ready to start using Stampwallet, use our configurator to set up a unique stamp card for your business. Our configurator is a step-by-step guide to setup your account. You can be up and running in 5 minutes. You can cancel at any time! Are you a customer? Start saving for free now and download our app!

    setup your own stamp card now!
  • Design a unique card for your business. You can decide how your stampcard will look like in our app. Choose a logo, stamp image, background image, and text color.

    You’re the boss! You have full control over your store’s card settings. Add a promotion and decide the value of 1 stamp. A card can have 1 to 50 stamps. Users can save 1 full card, or multiple if you wish. It’s all up to you!

  • It’s more than just a simple stampcard. Users can easily find your business using the Stampwallet app. Your phone number, email address, and / or facebook page are only 2 clicks away.

    Multiple location support. Stampwallet supports multiple locacations per business. A location can be nearby or even in another country.

  • Group cards are the perfect way to collaborate with your business and others. Ideal for malls, shopping areas, a street with bars and restaurants, hospitality companies, and retailers.

    Automatically save points. When you connect 2 or more cards together you will automatically generate a group card in the Stampwallet app. A customer will be rewared with 1 point when receiving a stamp on one of the cards connected to a group.

    Unique marketing tool. New creative possibilities! Users collect stamps the normal way, but can simultaniously redeem points. For example: 10 points is a coffee or discount at store X, while 10 points is a give-away in store Z. Users earn rewards without even having a full stampcard! Contact our sales team for more info!

Multiple ways to collect or redeem stamps & points
  • in app QR scanner
  • click ibeacon
  • touch ibeacon
  • mangement panel
  • api connection
  • promotion codes
  • POS connect
  • nfc keychain