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Why Stampwallet as loyalty tech partner?

There is a fundamental problem within a lot of companies all over the world. About 20% of your customers produce 80% of your future revenue. So when that 20 % walk away, you are in big trouble. Take physical retail for instance. Great companies are losing the battle against online retail. This is not only a problem for them, but also for their customers, partners, and suppliers.

Loyalty Technology is here for companies who need to generate more sales from returning customers. We make your loyals feel like royals. We do this with our Stampwallet app OR tailored made solutions for your business.

A selection of businesses using Stampwallet:
  • Renaissance
  • Victoria's secret
    Victoria's secret
  • Douwe Egberts
    Douwe Egberts
  • Aqua
  • Starbucks Curacao
    Starbucks Curacao
  • Little Zwitserland
    Little Zwitserland
  • Swatch
  • Boosty Curacao
    Boosty Curacao
  • Tony Romas
    Tony Romas
+ 350 more and counting
Find out how it works
Multiple ways to collect or redeem stamps & points
  • in app QR scanner
  • super beacon
  • mangement panel
  • api connection
  • promotion codes
  • POS connect
  • nfc keychain
  • QR & Barcode scanners