Facial Recognition: 3 ways retailers can use it to create better experiences

She has a face that could launch a thousand sales; now retailers have to recognize when her mind is open to them. Photographer: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg The inclusion of facial-recognition software in personal devices, such as…

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Why tech is the answer to the age of brand disloyalty?

BRAND LOYALTY: a consumer behavior pattern where consumers become committed to a particular brand, making repeat purchases over time The ability to keep your customers coming back is crucial for your bottom line. After all,…

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Summer job opportunity (NL)

Summer job opportunity (NL)

Ben jij commercieel en technisch ingesteld en op zoek naar een goedbetaalde bijbaan (tot wel 50 euro per uur)? Houd jij van afwisseling en veel contact met mensen? Wil je niet gebonden zijn aan een…

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Analytics & Insights of your Stampwallet loyalty program

A digital loyalty program brings a lot of great advantages. All your customers are logged in and registered using their email, phone number of facebook profile. With this you instantly learn who those customers are….

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Investment opportunity!

It all started three years ago at a tropical Starbucks location in the Caribbean. Wouter (CEO) was asked to come up with an innovative solution to digitize their paper stamp card. Before he knew it, Stampwallet…

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5 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty

Your company can model other successful businesses in encouraging customers to become repeat shoppers. Smart business owners know keeping existing customers is much cheaper and easier than finding new ones. But, not every company is…

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20 Compelling reasons to double down on customer loyalty

There are two kinds of customers – transactional and loyal. Transactional customers buy once and never return. Loyal customers spend more with you over time and refer their friends and family. They are your best…

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Marketing & Communication internship!

Stampwallet Europe B.V. is a startup organization that creates seamless loyalty solutions. The company develops these platforms through innovative apps, hardware, APIs, and the gathering of data. The young and motivated Stampwallet team consists out…

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5 Unique Ways to Increase Customer Retention

Post summary: Why should you care about existing customers? How can CRM help you to increase customer retention? 5 customer retention tips to help you keep more customers If you work in sales, then you…

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The Best Loyalty Programs Go Beyond Rewards – Forbes

Starbucks chief digital officer Adam Brotman demonstrating mobile order and pay on the the company’s app during the Starbucks annual shareholders. (Stephen Brashear/Getty Images) Since next month (April) is International Customer Loyalty Month, it’s a great…

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