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Chirstmas Loyalty Ideas!

Start a Christmas loyalty promotion!  Christmas is all about being with your family and friends! Loyal people all around you. Let your customers know that you are also loyal to them and give them incentives…

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The physical retailer needs a ‘reboot’!

By now, you’ve likely heard of Big Data and how it’s going to transform the shopping experience. But, you may be wondering: How, exactly, can retail data be useful in an in-store setting? Although the…

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Help us with your opinion, so we can help you!

Do you still use the paper or plastic loyalty cards that are offered to you when you purchase something? We would like to hear your opinion about them! It will only take you 4 minutes! You…

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Stampwallet Earns Spot at Startupbootcamp FinTech

Amsterdam/Willemstad – The Curaçao startup company, Stampwallet, was selected as one of eleven companies to continue on to the last round of the prestigious Startupbootcamp FinTech & Cybersecurity held in Amsterdam on September 27th and…

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Stampwallet FinTech

Startupbootcamp FinTech & CyberSecurity

Great news! We are proud to announce Stampwallet is one of the top 20 teams for Startupbootcamp FinTech & CyberSecurity selection days! We have been selected out of 500+ startups from all around the world!…

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How to reach your customers

We updated our Message Centre. You can now send your customers a message based on age, gender or the promotion they follow. Really great when you have a promotion, event or special you want to…

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How to train staff on your loyalty program in 5 easy steps

Your loyalty program can only be a powerful tool as long as it has members. The more members you have on your loyalty program the more visits you’ll get from repeat customers and the bigger…

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Loyalty Expo 2017 in Orlando

Last week we traveled to Orlando to participate in the annual Loyalty Expo 2017 hosted by Loyalty 360. The conference focused on the new innovative loyalty programs and implementation methods that are currently and in…

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What do customers want from your loyalty program?

You’re already one step in the right direction once you have a loyalty program like Stampwallet implemented. However, you’re not there yet! There are a couple of things that are very important for your customers…

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Stampwallet Easter Egg Hunt 2017

This year we’re organising the first Stampwallet Easter Egg event. It starts April 15th and ends April 17th. We show a unique way of using our app: gamification. 100+ eggs where hidden over the island…

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