Stampwallet white label solutions

Today is a great day for Stampwallet. We launched our first white label app called StampWithMe. StampWithMe is a company in Cambodia. StampWithMe is a loyalty program in Cambodia running on the Stampwallet engine. We…

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Best Stampwallet team winner!

Last week we happily announced the winner of our ‘The best Stampwallet team’ competition! De Dames, a breakfast and lunch restaurant in Curacao, has proved to be the best Stampwallet stamper of the world! Last…

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New version of Stampwallet

We launched a new version of Stampwallet that includes amazing new features! You can now change the app language into English, Spanish, French, and Dutch! Upload the latest version on your iphone or Android, go to…

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Customer loyalty concept on white

Strive for improvement!

We understand that improving our services and products is of major importance in order to stay ahead of our competitors. Therefore we launched a survey to see how our current users and merchants think about Stampwallet. What…

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Sales & Marketing (management) internship opportunity

You can now execute your management internship at Stampwallet in Curacao! Stampwallet is one of the most anticipated startup companies that offers a loyalty / marketing program in the form of a mobile application platform….

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Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort

As Stampwallet is suitable for all kinds of businesses, the first resort has now Stampwallet installed. Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort has now three facilities where you can save stamps; Atabei Spa, Medi Restaurant, and…

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Canada – testing our super beacon (sbeacon)

We’re currently in Canada to develop and test our super beacon. I hear you thinking ‘what the h*ll is a super beacon’. Well it’s pretty simple. A super beacon (sbeacon) is a device that uses…

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New Stampwallet presentation

We’ve updated our presentation for businesses who are planning to use Stampwallet loyalty platform but need a bit more information. Please find our latest presentation attached. If you have any further questions please let us…

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Building our own hardware – the sbeacon

We’re really proud to announce we’re building our own hardware. This enables us to do things that have never been done before. We call our hardware a ‘super beacon’ or short a ‘sbeacon’. This sbeacon…

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Our first Stampwallet loyalty program training course

We’re really proud we have successfully organised the first Stampwallet loyalty training course. In this course we discussed the following subjects: Importance of a loyalty program The strategy behind a loyalty program Training your employees…

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